Sally Padgett

Powerful compositions consisting of bright colors, strong designs, and definitive lines characterize Sally Padgett's work. Concentrating on vibrant colors and sharp lines, her style is remininiscent of the German expressionists. Sally often combines plant materials with other objects in her striking floral representations., creating an appeal that delves beyond the natural aesthetics of the blooms themselves. At first glance, her work is a tangle of brilliant hues, but her unequivocal lines guide the ey through pleasurable, understandable forms.

Painting for over 50 years, a majority of which were spent enthralled with watercolor, Padgett attribues much of her success to Douglas Walton, with whom she has studied for two decades. "I get completely involved in the creative process when I paint. Many times a 'working' painting results, but sometimes one does not. It doesn't matter, as long as I continue to paint and be involved in the process."

Having participated in international watercolor exhibitions in Texas, Kentucky, Florida, Oklahoma and Louisiana, she has won numerous honors and awards for her eye-pleasing work. The artist's work earned such prestigious awards as the Dale Meyers Cooper Medallion, a national watercolor competition in Oklahoma.

Sally studied Fine Art at Newcomb College and the University of Southwestern Louisiana. She is a member of the Louisiana Watercolor Society, the Watercolor Art Society-Housteon (WASH) and the Oklahoma Watercolor Society.

Her works are found in many private and corporate collections.